10 for Tuesday: 10 Things to do On Your Sunday Morning

10 things to do on a Sunday morning (And since it’s Tuesday, you have plenty of time to implement some of these!)

Sundays are special—the 7th day, the Sabbath Day, the Day of Rest, the Day of Worship.  Many people set the day apart from the rest of the week whether they keep it by going to church or by staying home.  Despite all of its specialness, though, some people really struggle with Sunday and may even get depressed as the weekend winds down and Monday morning and returning to work looms closer.  We are working on loving our Monday instead of dreading them, and one way to make Monday more pleasant is to have had a delightful weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to look back on.  So, what follows is a list of 10 things to do on your Sunday morning to emphasize the special in put off the mundane. 

  1. Snuggle—Sunday is the one day all week that we do not have to set an alarm for 4:30 a.m. and crawl out of bed at an hour that is still the middle of the night for many of our family and friends.  Seize this opportunity, people!  Cuddle!  Kiss.  Hug.  Give someone a backrub.  If you are waking up alone, snuggle into your covers and enjoy the quiet.  Give your cat or dog some extra pets. 
  2. Lounge, dillydally, relax—This is the morning to linger over that second cup of coffee, enjoy the newspaper or online news, read a novel, or just sit and do nothing.  Stay in your jammies for a bit longer than normal.  Don’t allow yourself to be rushed. Have conversations with the people around you.  Appreciate the slower pace. 
  3. Write in your journal—I love writing in my journal—my thoughts, what I’m thankful for, and especially a review of the week.  This might include highlights from the week before, lessons learned, or details about new experiences.  It can also be a wonderful experience to write out a prayer of gratitude and really take time to number and appreciate all blessings.
  4. Call your family—Sunday is the day I call my parents.  If I don’t have much going on, and they don’t have much going on, it can be a short conversation, but this is a good day to check in with family and people you love, and actually hear each others’ voices rather than just sending a text message.  You could also call your kids, grandparents, aunt, uncle, best friend, sister or favorite cousin.  Someone out there would be delighted to hear from you and catch up for a bit.
  5. Send birthday/anniversary cards—if sending cards is important to you, get in the habit of looking at the calendar early so you can prepare cards for the week for any friends or family having a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.  It is a pleasure to have time to think about what you want to write in the card and get them ready to mail on Sunday, instead of forgetting or scrambling to get the card in the mail late, or at the very last minute. 
  6. Make a nice breakfast or brunch—a lot of Sundays at my house when I was a kid were special breakfast Sundays.  My dad might bring home donuts from the bakery.  My mom might make pancakes.  These were exciting events because they did not happen that often.  Due to our work schedules, my husband and I only have breakfast together on Sundays.  We don’t fix something fancy every time, but it is fun to put some planning and energy into making a nice breakfast on occasion.  Maybe I will make a point to buy the ingredients to make blueberry scones, or he will beat me to the kitchen and make eggs, potatoes and bacon.  I love making French toast.  It’s special because it doesn’t happen very often. 
  7. Get to church early—I am trying to put this one into practice now.  For years, I have made it to church with about five minutes to spare—just enough time to slide into my pew and write my check for the offering.  Then, one weekend, my friend (who does a tremendous amount of service for the church) was out of town and asked me if I would make coffee before the service so that it would be ready for Sunday school.  I made a point to get there about fifteen minutes early, and found that it was really nice to be able to do something helpful, be early enough to greet people, and to just be available if there was a task that needed to be done.  Since then, I have been making an effort to arrive a bit earlier.
  8. Listen to music or sing—I love music, but I don’t take time to listen to it or sing very often.  On Sundays, I may sing worship songs in the car or while I am cooking or getting ready.  Music and spiritual song lyrics help me to get my heart and mind in a place of worship and peace.  When we sing songs at church, whether it’s a familiar favorite or a song I don’t know and struggle to sing, I try to focus on the words and their meaning. 
  9. Set the table for lunch—if you have time before you leave for church; take a few minutes to set a pretty table.  Use real dishes instead of paper plates.  Set out the silverware, napkins and glasses.  Use a centerpiece if you don’t have one—this could be a flower or a plant, a vase of marbles, or a pretty candle.  Now, you have a pretty table waiting for you after church.
  10. Put something delicious in the crock-pot or grab a coupon for pizza—It’s fun to come home from church or another outing, and have the house smell like roast or chicken, or something else delicious, and it’s also pretty awesome to know that your meal is ready for you, just like that.  Consider using your crock-pot for one of your Sunday meals.  It is also fun to make Sunday a day to go out or order in.  You could check for coupons and make plans to order pizza, or check recipes and make plans to create your own from scratch. 
  11. A Bonus Idea: Plan something special for later that day, that week or that month.  Get an idea and a plan together for what you will do the rest of the day, and make sure you plan something that will be fun and adventurous or relaxing and renewing.  This is not the time to make headway on a bunch of huge projects.  This is the time to go site seeing, attend a play or matinee, or work on a hobby or creative pursuit.  Similarly, it’s a great idea to look at community calendars for your area and surrounding towns, and plan some fun activities for later in the week or month. 

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