2 Lists to Add to Your January Planning

I woke up at 4 a.m. on January 1st with thoughts settling on problems—really sources of heartache that I don’t have any control over.  These are the issues in my life that cannot be addressed with a goal or resolution or book—they are subjects of prayer because only God can work in these situations.   My job is to pray and combine that prayer with faith.  Lying in my bed in the early hours of the day, I didn’t do too great with the faith part.  I dwelled on my own weakness and all of the big things I can’t affect. 

My day started with those shadows of despairing thoughts clinging to me.  Then, remembered the serenity prayer about God granting us the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, but I don’t need serenity to accept—I need faith to believe God to move and do what I can’t, and consistency to pray and believe I will see the goodness of God in all of these areas.   

Pray more may be too vague as a New Year’s resolution or January goal goes, but how about making a miracles list for the desires of our heart that we don’t have that much control over?

“Miracles I’m Praying for in 2020” actually sounds a little inspiring to me.  Then, I could add “pray for my miracles” to my regular prayer list. 

When we start thinking about miracles, we must make sure that we are not asking God to do something that we can do.  I am praying for God to move in relationships and to change hearts. 

A big dream is not the same thing as a miracle.  A big dream is something I can work toward on my own, but it is also very much worth some thought and consideration.  I have gotten in the habit in recent years of focusing on extremely doable goals, which is great, but does not stretch me or encourage me or encourage me to consider the big possibilities. 

I may not be likely to even consider goals like a fancy vacation or writing a novel or play or adding on to the house, because they don’t fall into the “easily achievable” category.  It’s great to focus on goals that are doable, but it’s also important for our hearts and souls that we consider different possibilities and let ourselves get swept up in the amazing things we can image from time to time.

So, this January, whether you do resolutions or not, and whether you do monthly or annual goals or not, I would like to encourage you to join me in creating two new and unique lists:

  1. Miracles I’m Praying for in 2020, and
  2. Big Dreams for 2020

The miracles list mainly functions to give yourself a way to stay focused and faithful in prayer.  The big dreams list is something else entirely.  Don’t overthink it but do take some time to brainstorm some big dreams.  Then, pick one (you can pick more than one, but I like to focus on one big thing at a time.) and work on making it happen in 2020.  Get practical with what it would take to do your big dream.  What are the steps involved?  What would it cost?  How much time would it take?  There are twelve months between now, and the end of 2020—can you divide up the work, steps and investment to make a go at your big dream?

2 thoughts on “2 Lists to Add to Your January Planning”

  1. I love these ideas! A miracles list sounds great! And giving us permission to dream big, and start planning and working towards fulfilling of our dream is a big encouragement. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this inspiration! I love how you differentiate between those two things. For me, I know I need God in those big dreams, too. I can get lazy and complacent, so asking for His strength and discipline is a must!

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