5 MORE Things to Do on Sunday to Prepare for the Week

This post is a continuation of a previous list about dealing with the Sunday Blues (anxiety and sadness) by preparing and planning for the week ahead.  Last week, I shared five ideas, and this week I am sharing five more. 

  1. Your priorities.  Everything in last week’s post related to life’s practicalities.  They are all pretty basic things that you know you need to do.  Planning priorities ask you to consider your goals for the week in light of the larger goals and dreams you have for your life.  What are your top three priorities right now?  If your priorities are to do the homework for your art class, redo your kitchen, and plan a family reunion weekend, it is important to realize that you may not be able to work on all three priorities every week.   What is important is that you look at those goals regularly and consider steps you could knock out this week. 
  2. Your commute.  How do you get to work?  How long is your trip to work?  This is the first consideration.  If you’ve been driving, are you close enough that you could walk or cycle?  If you have a long drive or ride, how do you use that time?  Consider audible books, podcasts, music, singing, and language learning audio tools.  Plan something for your commute that is enjoyable and that you will look forward to.  If your commute is too short to delve into a book or a podcast, consider using that time to count your blessings and set some positive intentions for the day.
  3. Your fun.  What do you want to do to relax and enjoy life this week?  Relaxation, pleasure, and socializing should not be reserved for the weekend only.  That is a surefire way to guarantee that you will always get a bad case of the Sunday Blues.  What do you love to do on the weekends?  Is it a night out at a new restaurant?  Going to the movies?  Sitting outside?  Gardening? Working on a hobby?  Set aside at least one evening in the week ahead and plan something fun to do. 
  4. Time Alone/Stillness.  We are involved people with things to do.  Life can be hectic and at times, may seem to pull us faster than we want to go.  All the more reason to make time each day for stillness, prayer, quiet time, and Bible study.  When will this happen for you?  When are you least likely to be interrupted?  Schedule in time to be with God, to listen to worship music, or to enjoy the serenity of Bible study or journaling. 
  5. Chores.  Every day has its own unique gifts.  Weekdays can be special, and weekends we will most likely really treasure as long as we are part of the work force.  A special weekend—or a weekend really well-lived can give us a joy that sustains us though a more mundane workweek.  For more special, well-lived weekends, get more of your chores accomplished during the week.  Schedule in your house cleaning.  Plan when you will buy groceries, and pay bills. 

Let me know how this planning system goes.  I know it’s a lot to plan all ten areas.  Try a couple this week and once those become a habit, add more until you are planning effectively in all ten areas.

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  1. Starting your week right with planning makes all the difference! I tend to forget to do this and am overwhelmed every week! These are really great tips, I’m going to try this out

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