5 Things to Do on Sunday to Prepare for the Week

     I don’t know if I am more shocked by how many people are affected by the Sunday Blues, or how many people are not.  For those unfamiliar with the term, Sunday Blues refers to the sadness or anxiety that people feel on Sunday as the weekend begins to disappear and Monday morning looms on the horizon.  It should be clarified that this phenomenon affects people who love their job and people who are more apathetic about their work equally.  This makes me wonder if the uneasiness comes more from anxiety over the loss of “free time” more than genuine sadness.  If that’s the case, we can go ahead and proactively plan for the tasks that may create anxiety during the work week on Sunday afternoon or early evening.  Here are some things you can do to make your work week run more smoothly, and feel more peace in your day-to-day.

Plan ahead for the following:

  1. The weather and your outfit.  Lately, I’ve gotten into the bad habit of shouting at my husband (who monitors the weather and the radar) after exiting the shower, “What’s the temperature going to be today?  Is it going to rain?”  With the luxury of the extended forecast, I could actually look that up myself and choose my outfits for the week (not just Monday).  I know when I plan ahead like this I am more likely to wear more of my clothes and to wear nice outfits.  If I am in a rush, I grab what’s at the front, and what’ familiar. 
  2. Your meals.  This doesn’t have to be fancy and require hours of food prep.  Just write down what days you will bring your lunch and what you will bring.  Write down what you will eat for dinner each night.  Is there a night you will not be cooking or need your spouse or kids to fix something?  Is there a night you want to plan to get take-out?  Write it down in your meal plan for the week.  This will save you the stress of realizing at 5 ‘o clock, that there is nothing thawed out and you don’t have a clue what to eat for dinner.
  3. Your workouts.  What days will you go to the gym this week?  Will you be walking with a friend on your lunch hour Thursday?  Will you be going to a yoga class Friday?  Put it in your planner and pack your bag with all of the workout clothes and shoes you will need this week. 
  4. Consult your calendar!  See if you have any appointments, occasions or social commitments this week.  Is there an evening meeting you must attend or a birthday card you need to mail?  Get it all ready to go and put a reminder on your calendar. 
  5. Your lunch hour.  This is an hour of glorious time for you each day!  Okay, maybe it’s time you need to go pick up the dry-cleaning or let your dogs out.  Maybe you have a couple of lunch hours this coming week with no plans.  Perfect!  This is your opportunity to plan how you want to use them.  Will you work out?  Read a book?   Make calls in your ongoing search for a cello teacher for your son?  Have a lunch out with your best friend?  Plan what’s most essential and make sure you have what you need to make it happen. 

4 thoughts on “5 Things to Do on Sunday to Prepare for the Week”

  1. Thank you for these practical tips! I agree that it is the anxiety of what comes ahead and proactive planning can ease this anxiety tremendously. I like especially your tip #1 regarding the outfit planning. It seems this is one of my biggest problems every morning:)

  2. I’ve been checking my upcoming week on the calendar for awhile, and it helps so much. You’ve planted a good seed with this in getting me to think about doing the same with the other things you mentioned…specifically meals and exercise. How have I not thought of this?!

    1. It seems there is always something else to plan for, right? I still struggle with planning and preparing to exercise, but being mindful of the goals for the week helps!

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