5 Tips for Self-Care While Traveling on Business

I have taken several trips in which my good routines and habits just go out the window and I end up overeating at the restaurants, getting dehydrated and generally feeling awful.  No matter how successful the trip is from a work standpoint, no one wants to arrive back home feeling bloated and generally yucky.  Here are my best tactics to feel good while traveling.

  1. Bring an empty water bottle! You can take it past security and refill it at whatever water fountains you happen by.  Drink tons of water.  Drink all the water.  You will be so glad you did.
  2. Walk! Walk at the airport while you wait for your flight.  Go by time or steps or whatever inspires you.  I also think it is worth the packing space to bring some gym clothes and tennis shoes and hit the fitness center at the hotel.  Staying active and having a way to blow off steam and having the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping up with your healthy routines=win/win/win!
  3. Bring some comfy ear plugs. You never know if your hotel room will be as quiet as you like.  You may be in a room that faces a busy highway with lots of traffic or you may be right next to the ice machine or on the same floor with a junior high traveling basketball team that likes to run up and down the hall a lot.  Having some good ear plugs will ensure that your sleep is not interrupted.
  4. Bring a book and catch up on your pleasure reading in the evening. Some travelers may prefer to get drinks or explore the local hot spots, but I love the opportunity to read in the evenings, for as long as I want, without feeling guilty.
  5. Leave a little room in your bag in case your find the perfect birthday gift/boss’s day gift or Christmas gift while you are traveling. I am amazed at the cute things you can find at airport gift shops and various other out-of-the way places that you find yourself in while traveling.  This is also a chance to find an original, unique gift that no one else has.

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