A Book of Remembrance

Today, I want us to consider Malachi 3:16: “Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.”  I heard a podcaster reference this only tangentially while also sharing that she keeps her own book of remembrance of little sweet things—kindnesses, mercies, favor that she notices the Lord gives her or does for her.  I keep a gratitude journal, but it is way more focused on the surface of things and what I am doing each day.  This idea of a book of remembrance has stayed with me.  I really want to start one, so I am considering format and also wondering if this might be something I could incorporate into the Bible journaling that I am already doing.  I will let it set a little longer and see what gels. 

In the meantime, just considering the idea of a book of remembrance has me seeing my heart and mind to look of the special ways that God communicates his love to us each day.  Earlier this winter, I was in a small car accident (that caused significant damage) and had to have my car fixed and be without it for several days.  Upon receiving it back, I had to get an oil change and when I did that, I was also going to pay to get a new key fob for my car.  I had accidentally washed mine (I know it sounds awful, but after Googling how to fix it, I found out I am in good company.), and it ceased working.  When I pulled into the service dock for my oil change, I was talking with the service the about the key fob and the cost of replacing it, and she had me try it out.  The key fob that would not work at all previously was working fine.  I believe that was the kindness of God, fixing something for me and saving me several hundred dollars. 

Those are the sweet things I want to put in my book of remembrance.  I know when we start to collect things, our minds tune into them and we notice so much more.  What better thing to notice that more of the ways God shows us kindness and grants us favor? 

Have you ever received an amazing word of encouragement right when you really, really needed it?

Have you ever found exactly the thing you needed, miraculously in your size, miraculously on sale?  I found my wedding dress at an upscale boutique—only after looking at all of the dresses (and their scary price tags) on the main floor and asking if they had any discounted dresses or sales.  Suddenly, I was introduced to a completely new room of dresses and found the one I wanted, 75% off the regular price, in my size. 

I may have mentioned this one before:  When I was little girl, I wanted a golden retriever puppy.  That was the breed of dog I wanted.  My parents blessed me with a yellow Labrador retriever puppy because they were hesitant to get dog with such a high maintenance coat.  Fast forward to a couple of years ago—my husband and I decided our next dog would be a golden retriever.  We got a puppy and brought him home.  Several months later, I felt the Lord remind me of my childhood desire for a golden retriever and that had had not forgotten that wish of mine. 

Just jotting down these notes is making my eager to start my book of remembrance.  I do think I want it to be its own thing—not incorporated with something else.  Then, once I have a good start on filling it out, and am adding to it regularly, imagine the joy of getting out such a book and reading it from cover to cover.  Can’t wait to do this!

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  1. This verse of Malachi is very special to me. It moves my heart every time when I read or hear these words and boosts my motivation to live a life pleasing to God so I can be found in His book of remembrance. I like your idea to start a book of remembrance of the deeds of the Lord. I have a very special notebook which I call “The golden book” or “The book of Promises”. There I have recorded Rhemas of promises of God for me, my family, nation and other people and have tracked their fulfillment in a 10-years period up to now. Some of the promises have been fully fulfilled, some partly, some have not shown yet. But this book is a constant reminder for the faithfulness of God. When I got discouraged in waiting, I grab this book and start to read, meditate and remind God of His words.

    1. What an amazing book you have created. That is awesome that it spans 10 years. That is definitely a treasure for you and your family. I love looking back and seeing how God has fulfilled his promises.

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