Client Love

My clients are great and I love to hear what they have to say about our sessions and their growth.

When I came to life coaching, I had just experienced a year of many unexpected changes and found myself in transition in several areas of life. After a decade of being a stay-at-home-Mom to three children, and then working part-time, we decided to move the kids to a new school, I quit my job and we moved church after two decades. I was also approaching 40 and wanted to feel that I had adequately reflected on the last decade of babies and toddlers, while also being able to embrace a new decade. I had tried for several months to establish goals, vision and values for this next season and it became very apparent that I wasn’t able to accomplish that on my own. I am an over-thinker and I knew that I would need help processing my thoughts and then focusing them to be able to move forward. There were a couple of goals I wanted to implement but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I also wanted to have a creative outlet but couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to do.

From the first chat, I knew I was going to say yes to coaching.  Sandra had read through my preliminary questionnaire. I felt like my answers were a jumble of random thoughts, but Sandra had read through it and pulled out themes and key words and gave back to me a synopsis of what she understood of me from the questionnaire. I knew in the moment that she had really understood who I am, what motivates me, and what I was struggling with. It was quite amazing to go into the first session feeling so out of focus, and for her to be able to pull it all into focus.

Since I began coaching, my husband noticed that I have become more open to life changes. Just before my life coaching ended, we decided to put our house on the market – one more huge change and major transition. I was able to handle it with peace and confidence.

He also noticed that I am embracing who I am and my age well!  He has also seen the impact on our marriage.

I am also able to embrace and make time for my priorities. I have let go of a lot of guilt over what I’m not doing, and instead I am doing what I love. I have more emotional energy for my children and my husband. I not so inclined to compare myself to others. I am able to confidently say no to the things that pull me away from my priorities and values in this season. I am more at peace, I turned 40 with confidence and my focus is clear. It has been a life-changing and empowering experience, and I feel able to move forward and adopt the strategies that Sandra utilized so that I can continue with this same momentum.  I would describe my coaching series with Sandra as revelatory, encouraging, and transformative.

My coaching series with Sandra, was uplifting, supportive, and joyful.  When we started, I was working as a restaurant manager trying to focus on my life coaching work. I was struggling with giving my energy to both at the level they needed, and I wanted to give them. I also wanted more energy in general. I was trying to create a deep-rooted belief system within myself.

From my first session with Sandra, I knew it was okay to be vulnerable and to speak my truth and want what I really wanted.  She always made me feel like I could say what I needed to say and be heard.  As a result of coaching with Sandra, I’m more confident in myself and what I believe. It’s like I’m surrounded by it now. I feel more energy just by following my truth and what I love.

One huge change that everyone noticed:  I moved states during this coaching process to follow the path I wanted. My family and friends are really happy for me.  Looking back, all the little things that happened during the series, made space for me to take the big steps I needed.

Before I signed up for coaching, I felt completely stuck creatively, and didn’t feel like I could move forward in the callings God had on my life.  I was trying to create momentum to write again. 

After our first session, I realized I really did have some focused goals and Sandra’s guidance allowed me to really think about how I was approaching them.  

 Since finishing the coaching series, the biggest change that I have noticed is a renewed sense of purpose.  I know God has a call on my life, and I am listening and trying to actively pursue it, believing (for the first time in a long time) that He has given me the abilities to do the things He has called me to do.   

 I can see also goals for the future, but I think that is because my coaching was what I needed to get here.    As a coach, Sandra is enjoyable, encouraging, empowering. 

She is immensely qualified and able to guide other women on their journey.  She listens, processes, and encourages growth steps while making it all feel natural and reasonable.  I’m shocked at how much I got done.  Sandra helped me believe in myself again.    

Before I said yes to coaching, I first checked Sandra’s website and the things she does as a life coach. I liked what I read on her blog and was inspired by how she has helped other people to achieve their goals. I knew I needed this experience and I believe in my heart that God led me to meet Sandra.


I was a bit nervous in the first session, but most of all I was excited! I was so determined to move through the coaching sessions and looked forward to all the new things I would learn.  It felt good to have someone I could be accountable to and would give me honest feedback.


One change I’ve noticed is the fire in me to pursue my passion. I have never felt so encouraged!  Before, I didn’t think I could do the small steps I needed to take to make a start. Through coaching, I gained confidence and clarity with my vision.

My coaching with Sandra was fruitful, constructive, fun!  I would recommend her as a very helpful life coach. She’ll help you find creativity, clarity, and connection in creating plans to pursue your goals. She knows how to build up the potential within you.