Make Your November Cozy

I am loving fall, and can’t believe we are already into November.  The last couple of weeks, the trees in Missouri have been showing off their fall colors and they are just gorgeous—all shades of red, orange and yellow.  Here’s what I’ve been thinking about and enjoying so far this month:

  1. Pictures! In this digital age, I am terrible about keeping pictures on my phone or my computer and never printing them off.  Now, as I am starting to look for unique holiday gifts, I am scanning my photos for good ones to enlarge, frame and give as gifts.  I am also finding some I would like to enlarge and display in my own home.
  2. While I am looking at pictures, I am thinking Christmas cards. Do I want to use some old pictures and print a postcard?  Do I want to pick out some cards in the stores to use?  Do I want to write a Christmas letter?  I am leaning toward a simple postcard, but I need to choose the photo(s) and get my order in.
  3. It is the season of the cozy drink! I can tell my coffee consumption has already increased.  What’s your favorite?  I love coffee and make sure that I have decaf for cold evenings, as well as hot chocolate.  Others may enjoy hot cider and hot tea.  It’s fun to have lots of options, and cute mugs, as well as any extras you enjoy—cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, whipped cream, flavored creamers, and so on.
  4. Plan your indoor entertainment. For me, this is an easy one—I love watching the Hallmark Christmas movies that are on all the time this month and next.  This is also a great time of year to start a TV series you’ve been wanting to watch, a documentary, or other movies.  Watching show is definitely cozier and more fun to me, when there is no outside work waiting to be done like there is in the summer months.
  5. What says cozy fall/winter day like a big batch of soup or chili simmering on the stove? Make an old favorite or try a new recipe and make an extra big batch so you will have lot so leftovers for later.  I love soup and look forward to trying lots of different ones during the fall and winter months.  My favorites are Wendy’s Copycat Chili (my husband makes), chicken taco soup (my mom makes) and lasagna soup (I make) + many others!
  6. Get out a craft you’ve not done for a while. You might try crochet, knitting, or embroidery.  This is another activity I enjoy a lot more when it’s cold.  It is fun to make some beautiful while you are sitting indoors watching the cold wind blow.
  7. Start planning your holidays now! Get out your Thanksgiving recipes.  Will you try something new this year?  Plan your Christmas list.  Plan your decorations.  Is there something special you want to give this year?  Take some time to dream and consider your priorities this season.  You can make a plan to create the season you want and take the actions that will get you there.


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