One Thing At a Time

I have seen the posts and memes on Facebook about a woman’s mind being like an Internet browser, with 2,000 tabs open all the time, and another one specifies that some of the tabs are frozen and there is music coming from an unknown source.  It paints a funny picture, and most women would say, “Yes!!! That’s exactly what it’s like.”

I get it.  Women juggle a lot.  They are great multi-taskers, plate spinners, and jugglers.  But, all of those skills take a certain amount of focus.

That means putting 1,999 “pages” to sleep sometimes, so we can focus on one.  I really believe that our minds are not meant to feel overwhelming and overactive and out of control, which is the picture the meme about tabs paints for me.

It is easy to go in that direction with all of the demands on our time, all of the chores that must be done, all of the tasks and notes to remember, to file, to put in the digital or analog planner.

So, how do we go about putting some tabs to sleep or even close some of them? A mantra can help focus our thoughts.  Meditation and prayer can help.  When all of the thoughts are spinning, I pick the thing I’m going to do, and that becomes my mantra:  “Right now, I’m sewing.”  That brings me a level of peace and gives me some time to focus on a hobby and rest my mind.  An absorbing activity—meaning a hobby that requires thought to do it—cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting, knitting, learning a dance, carpentry, reading—all activities that actively engage our minds bring focus and rest, as it’s impossible to attend to the other 2,000 tabs if you are working on baking a complicated triple layer cake from scratch.

Practice doing one thing at a time.  Practice giving that one thing your full attention—your whole heart, your whole mind, your whole effort.  It will feel amazing.  Multi-tasking makes us less effective and causes us to feel disjointed.  Focus brings peace.

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