Stay-cation Ideas Part III

A Stay-Cation can be a great way to gain rest and rejuvenate yourself and get your creative juices flowing.  I had more to say about Stay-Cations than I realized.  Here is Part III in the series.

  1. Try a new restaurant—or an old favorite—solo or with family and friends.  There is a lot of variation available for this option!  Do you have a restaurant you love and rarely get to visit?  Is there a restaurant or cuisine that you have been wanting to try?  This is your chance.  Sometimes, it can be fun to go to lunch alone.  Order what you want.  Take your time.  Get dessert or a coffee if you want.  Have a glass of wine if you want.  Ask for a doggie bag—or not.  Make it a fun and adventurous or quiet and nurturing depending on what your soul needs.  Don’t want to go alone?  That’s fine.  You don’t have anything to prove.  Invite a friend or your spouse or sister or your mom.  The idea is to do something special that you wouldn’t normally do. 

No time for the stay-cation, but want the benefits:  You can most likely do this in an evening with a little planning.  Look at your calendar.  Pick a date and commit to this.  Ideally, this is a fun thing you will want to do—not something that is challenging to commit to.  If evenings are too full, plan your special lunch for a Saturday.  If you simply can’t fork over the cash for this kind of extravagance right now, what about cooking a special meal at home?  When you set aside the time, and choose the recipes you want, this can be a really special event.  Again, invite others, or not, depending on your preference.

2. Get a mani/pedi or some other special beauty treatment.  This could be a massage, a facial, or taking time to get your hair cut and colored.  I love trying different kinds of beauty treatments.  I love massages and different nail colors.  Bring on the pampering.  And yet, in regular life, it’s a struggle to find the time to do any of these!  That is why, it feels special and amazing to me to be able to go for a massage or a mani/pedi on a stay-cation.  It’s nice to get it done without watching the clock, worrying about getting to the next appointment.  You could even make this the focus of a week’s stay-cation.  Take a full spa day, or get a massage one day, and hair done the next.  There’s time to do other activities around those appointments, but it can be lovely to have time to do those things you are normally too busy for.  Another option is getting your makeup done by a professional and trying out new products.  That is something I always think about, but never have time to try.  Schedule some of those fun things during your stay-cation.

No time for the stay-cation, but want the benefits:  Pick out the beauty treatments that are important or fun for you or that you want to try.  Maybe you want to get a massage, but you have no interest in nails.  That is fine.  Pick what you want to do and look at your calendar.  Do you want to take an extra thirty minutes at lunch and get a massage?  Go after work?  There are lots of options.  Choose what you want to do, and get it on your calendar.

Stay-cations are wonderful.  I love them.  I love thinking about the long days and the blocks of time and all that I want to do, but the truth is, it is possible—absolutely possible to get many of the stay-cation benefits without taking any time off work, and moving in that direction will help you create a life that is more sustainable—a life you don’t feel like you need a break from.

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