The Year Is Not Over

Long about this time of the year, I sometimes feel like the year might as well be over.  Fall is busy when you are on an academic schedule (I work for a college), and when I think about fall festivals and Halloween in October, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can get the sense that the last three months of the year are a jumble of holidays.

Let’s be clear though.  When October 1st rolls around, the year is only 75% over.  We still have three months, or 25% of the year to go.  The end of September is not the finish line.

This is a good time to prioritize for the end of the year.  Reflect back on your thoughts at the beginning of 2018.  That’s what I am doing.  I am sharing my questions so you can use them if you want, and I am also going to share my responses to these questions.

What did I set out to do at the beginning of the year that I have accomplished and want to celebrate?

One thing I really wanted to do at the beginning of the year was to create a book combining family recipes and family stories.  I anticipate having this finished before the end of the year.  I am self-publishing the book and just have one more round of corrections to do.  Definitely something to celebrate!

(Feel free to elaborate as you journal, and jot down several things you’ve done already in 2018 that you want to celebrate.  I don’t think we celebrate our accomplishments nearly enough—we are more likely to mark it off the goals list and move onto the next thing.  Resist the urge.  Celebrate!)

What was a priority at the beginning of the year that is no longer on my radar?

Every year, one of my goals is finishing sewing projects.  This year, I finished two.  If I pushed, I could finish a few more in the next three months, but you know what?  Not a priority right now—that’s not to say I won’t sew at all, but I have no pressure on myself to finish anything other sewing projects.  That is on the backburner. 

What do I want to make a priority in the last three months of the year? 

My coaching certification course starts in October!!!  I have almost backed out of this once or twice (out of nerves/fear), but I am very excited about it.  Giving this program my all is my number one focus in the last few months of the year.  I know I won’t finish it until 2019, but I want to make an excellent start and learn all that I can. 

What small step can I take toward this goal today? 

I can start by putting the group calls on my calendar and blocking off time to work on the modules.


Please share your response(s) in the comments!

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