Weekly, Monthly, and Year Reviews

Do you do a weekly review?  A monthly review?  I was introduced to his practice somewhere along the path of learning to bullet journal.  Many bullet journalers track habits or goals over a week or month and then assess their success as well as what helped them and what hindered them.  I did this for a while, but often felt overwhelmed by all of the questions I had to answer.  My new system is to track my progress toward my goals each week as well as any special event that I don’t want to forget.  Then, at the end of the month, I look back over the weeks and do bullet points of that months highlights, money well spent and time well spent. 

You may be wondering why anyone would take time to do this.  The answer?  It leads to amazing discoveries about my priorities and what really matters to me over time.  This process helps me savor and enjoy my life, week by week, and month by month.  It’s sometimes surprising to look back on a month and realize that the highlights or moments you enjoyed most, weren’t the obvious ones.  I think it’s also going to be great at the end of the year to look over 12 months’ of information about my ideas of money well spent and time well spent.  I will take that information and be more intentional with my time and money in the next year. 

Now that I am considering it, I might add the questions what wasn’t money well spent and what wasn’t time well spend to my monthly review.  That would also be very good information to have.

I bring this all up because the year is more than half over!  We are in the down-hill slide.  Does that create a sense of urgency in your heart?  Are there things you’ve been putting off or postponing that you had every intention of tackling in 2019?  Whatever those goals or experiences are, can you start in some small way this month?  This week?  Today? 

Oh, and in case you’re curious, here is an example from my monthly review in January of this year.


Started Facebook Group:  Women Rooted & Growing in the Word

Had all the lunches—this was my month to go to lunch with a dozen of my closest friends—not sure how that happened, but it was fun.

Money well spent—new comforter set, donation to a cause I believe in

Time well spent—doing water colors with hubby (from my Let’s Make Art subscription box

Consider the remaining months of the year.  What would you like the highlights to be?  Where would you like to use your resources?  Give this some thought and set an intention that makes you feel excited and hopeful!

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