What I Learned from a Couple of Workshops

     For the last few months, I have been exploring a new interest—oral storytelling.  I have loved creative writing for most of my life but have not given oral storytelling much thought until recently.  In September, I attended a couple of workshops and classes, and they were absolutely invigorating.  I learned (or was reminded) of concepts I believe to be universal truths about people.  It’s powerfully affirming to me to share that list with you.

20 True or Mostly True Concepts About People:

  1. Everyone is creative.
  2. Everyone has interesting, amazing stories to tell.
  3. Everyone has heroes in their story.
  4. Everyone has suffered.
  5. Everyone is looking for a reason to laugh.
  6. It is possible to be surrounded by good listeners.
  7. There is a huge desire for connection.
  8. Your audience/reader wants you to succeed.
  9. Your audience/reader wants to know you better.
  10. When we mine our lives for stories, we will think about parts of our lives and our histories that we may have left unexamined. 
  11. Discovery is joyful for many people. 
  12. Everyone has their own style.
  13. There is an infinite number of styles.
  14. Lots of people let their stories die with them.
  15. There are lots of ways to share your stories—orally, written, digitally. 
  16. Stories are relevant today.
  17. Stories aren’t about living in the past.
  18. Stories help us to see with fresh eyes.
  19. It’s possible to make a new friend really fast.
  20. Just like in elementary school, everyone gets excited by a new prop—whether it’s a banjo or a funny hat.

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