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Water through treesMaybe…

You dream of fully using your creative gifts even though they’ve been dormant for a while. 

You deeply know that in utilizing your creativity more fully you will leave your mark on the world, and touch and inspire those around you.

You would love to be fully present and enjoy the blessing of your creative nature and gifts every day—not just when the muse or mood allows or when you have a moment of inspiration.     

You want to live well and savor the details and moments of your daily adventures so that you are always brimming with ideas, beauty, and experiences that flow in and out of your creative expression.

You just don’t know how to get there. 

Maybe you are going back and forth between the idea of quitting your job to pursue your creative dream, and just giving up on it all together.  Maybe you sometimes try to convince yourself that you’re just not a creative person, anyway. Wherever you are on the continuum, I can help. 

But maybe you:

  • Have no idea how to sit down and get to work on your big dream. 
  • Feel completely out of your element when it comes to being creative, but the desire is there, and you want to try.
  • Know half a dozen projects you would dive into if only you had the time.
  • Would love to venture into a new art or area of expression— if only you knew where to start. 
  • Dream of having a steady, grounding creative practice.
  • Feel constantly overwhelmed (and adrenaline-rushed) with ideas for projects and can’t settle on which one to start with so that you can peacefully enjoy the process and some progress. 
  • Feel scared by the thought of process and steady progress because you are more accustomed to creative bursts or stretches and anything else sounds forced or boring.

Whether you are just starting out or further along the path in your creative adventure, you know there has to be more than what you are currently experiencing and you know that with a little support (clarity and connection to go with your creativity) there will be no stopping you!

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