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This post is part II in a series about spending time with the Lord. Part I focuses on kick starting your quiet time.

     Creativity, Quiet Time, and Worship

      It goes like this:  God’s creativity is so great and so varied and so original—it’s beyond our human comprehension.  We do know though, that we were created in His image.  We were made in his likeness and part of our walk with him is becoming more like him in character—more giving, more loving, more self-sacrificing, and so on.  Now, doesn’t part of being made in his image also relate to being creative and making things just as He did and does?  Yes!  When we create beauty, we are pointing people to the Beautiful One.  When we make a song, a painting, a beautifully decorated room, a piece of furniture—it all glorifies God. 

     When I was in college, I studied English and creative writing.  I remember I had a short story writing assignment, and I didn’t know where to start. I really wanted God to be involved in my writing and to write what He put on my heart.  I approached this by playing some worship music that I loved and that always touched my heart (Rich Mullins, in case you’re curious).  I closed my eyes and entered into worship.  After a few minutes, I has an image in my mind—an image of Christ as the Bridegroom, with fire in his eyes, as he is depicted in Revelation.  I thought about that vision, and the character I had in mind for my story—a 16 year-old girl who wasn’t getting along with her newly divorced mother, and I thought: What would happen if the girl in my story had this vision?  What would it mean to her?  How would it change her behavior?  That became the premise for my story, and the image that it was built around—a picture of Christ that came to me in worship made the story one of my more powerful writings—it received great reviews even in my very secular university writing class.  Since then, I have had many of my best creative ideas while in worship.  That is when God speaks to me, and helps me notice things, and make connections.

     Therefore, I want to encourage you, to invite God into all of your creative activities, and don’t be surprised if you get a creative idea for a quilt or a card to make when you are in worship or singing along to songs in the car.  When we are open to Him, He speaks.  You may worry that you will run out of creative ideas or inspiration, but He will never run out of creative ideas or inspiration, and all He wants is a vessel willing to share what he puts on her heart.

     Do you want to be that vessel?  What could be more fun?  Maybe you are feeling a “yes!!!” resound through your spirit.  This is exactly what you want.  How do you get started?  There are three key pieces.

  1. Worship and time are the key ingredients.  When we spend time with the Creator, he draws us closer and makes us more truly who we are meant to be, and part of that is calling is to creativity.  Commit to spending more time in worship.  This could mean singing to the Lord a Capella in your room by yourself, singing to worship music on your commute, dancing to a hymn in your living room or even Bible journaling.   It could mean praising God and noting all of his attributes aloud.  Whatever form your worship takes, make time for worship. 
  2. Listening is the next important part.  What is the Lord speaking to you during your worship time?  What is He saying that’s encouraging?  Is He laying a fresh burden on your heart for a cause or a person?  Is he giving you an idea for a play to write or a recipe to invent or even a new way to solve a problem?  Our God is a creative genius, and He is looking for people who are listening and ready to take action and obey.
  3. The last part is probably the most difficult.  Worship and hearing from God is fun!  The challenging part is putting in the time and work and risk to bring the idea to life.  It was a little bit scary to share my short story with the image of Jesus in it with my non-Christian writing class and professor.  It may be scary for you to put in the hours and sweat equity required to bring your idea to fruition.  It will be a risk, but it is absolutely worth it and part of developing the creative gifts that God has given you.

Please share in the comments about a creative idea that you believe God gave you and how you acted on it.

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